Sunday, July 19, 2015

Terminator: Genisys

For the very first time, I watch TERMINATOR in a cinema.  In the past, I could only watch such western movies on TVB's Pearl channel on weekend evenings at 9.30pm.  

Back to the movie, the first impression is that there is quite a bit of naked flesh, especially man flesh.  The girls may like it.  The 67-year old former governor of California Arnold did a very good job.  He is both serious and funny, fatherly yet tough.  I am an admirer of Arnold, for his acting skills, and his way of living life to the full (his affair is not included).

The storyline is not plain or easy to guess, rather there are quite a bit of twists and turns, and sometimes you really need a bit of guessing to figure out what is true what is fake.

I will say it is a very good movie and you should not miss it.

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