Friday, July 31, 2015

Dian Xiao Er at JEM

Long time didn't visit Dian Xiao Er so on a Sunday, we decided to have lunch at its JEM branch.  It was lunch time but still not too many people.  The dining environment is not bad, surrounded by very traditional Chinese decorations, but the restaurant is a bit small and the place is a bit cramp.

Danggui Roast Duck

We ordered their set meal.  The first dish that came out was their signature dish - Roast Duck in Dang-gui sauce.  This is also my favourite dish.  The duck is crispy, while it has a strong taste of Dang-gui - a Chinese herb, and the meat is still tender.  No other restaurant here in Singapore can make duck dishes this good yet.

Fish Maw Soup

Next was the fish maw soup.  It has the presentation of shark's fin soup, but actually it is fish maw.  Fish maw is a lot more shark friendly than shark's fin, however, the taste is just as good as shark's fin.  

Dong Po Pork

There was a Dong Po Rou dish as well.  It is named after a famous Song Dynasty Chinese poet Su Dong Po.  Legend has it that when he was the governor of Hang Zhou, he managed the city very well.  Once people in the city brought him a lot of pork, to show their appreciation for Su Dong Po's good governance.  There was simply too much pork to consume so Mr Su Dong Po, as a foodies himself, taught the people how to cook this pork stew.  At the end, they used all the pork to cook this pork stew, and distributed it to the people in Hang Zhou.  As a memory of Mr Su's good deed, people named this dish after him.  The authentic dish actually would use pork with lots of fat, and it will have the sensation of melting in your mouth.  However, people nowadays are more health conscious, so the restaurant uses more lean meat than fat.  The sensation is less strong but it is more healthy.

Steamed Fish

Their steamed fish was not bad too.  They added some slices of pork, ginger, and dates.  The dates actually is a very important ingredient, it helps to bring out the freshness in the fish.

I would say this visit was pleasant and probably I will come back again in the future.

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