Monday, April 7, 2008

Trail of Destruction...of Mobile Phones

I must be getting old. Suddenly I have this urge to list down all the mobile phones I had used before. Most of them did not outlive the 2-year contract with the mobile service provider, making me keep buying new phones, and keep renewing my 2-year contract.

1. 1998 Philips Magix: a phone using NiMH batteries that had memory effect. Quite a pain in the back when it comes to battery life.

2. Nokia 3210: Not too bad, but it died 3 months before my 2-year plan expired. :(

3. Nokia 8250: Outlived the 2-year plan, but it was killed after I put it in my washing machine to have a bath :P

4. Sony Ericcson T23: My first color screen mobile phone. A simple but steady phone, and the only one that is still working till today. Hooray...

5. Sony Ericcson K600i: My first 3G phone, with camera and MP3 player. It died one day after the 1-year warranty period was over. Power consumption was like hell. Daily routine to charge the phone, or the next day, you see blood :D

6. Nokia 6070: I have the worst luck with this phone. On the next day of purchase, the volume control did not work. A couple of months later, it became mute. Then yesterday, it went silent again. It is 3 weeks after the warranty expired.

Just got a new mobile phone today, Nokia again. I simply can't resist the user-friendliess of all the Nokia phones. It is again a 3G phone. The features this phone has make my S$600 Dell Axim PDA look so pale in comparison.

It has two cameras (my K600i had that too), one of them is a 2-meg camera. I don't need to buy or carry a compact digital cam anymore. My phone is my cam. Just 5 years ago, a 2-meg digital cam was still something new and expensive.

There is also a MP3 player, and many fancy features that I don't have a clue what they are yet at this moment. But I like the MicroSD expansion possibility. I like to live a life of abundance. 2GB of storage is just about right for me. Snap snap snap around needs lots of memory, you know. :D

Ah, one more point. Alex bought a 8GB thumbdrive for around S$50. Wah....

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