Sunday, March 7, 2010

Goemon vs Ninja Assassin


Goemon and Ninja Assassin are two movies about Japan's infamous Ninja warriors.  Goemon was produced by Japan whilst Ninja Assassin was produced by the Americans and starring South Korean star Rain.  How do you expect them to fare?

Let's talk about their commonality first.  Both movies are blood-thirsty!  Ninja Assassin, being produced by Hollywood, a blood sucker, is way more gruesome than Goemon, it is Goemon x1000.  If you collect all that blood spilled in Ninja Assassin, probably a normal hospital can survive for a week or two.  Some of the scenes are Ninja is also very gruesome.  In one scene, a gangster's hands were chopped off one by one, then his head was cut off, leaving a body with no hands, no head standing.  Yucks!

Both movies also portrait the superiority of the Ninja martial arts.  The lighting speed of the swords, daggers, and many many other lethal weapons.  Chinese Kungfu is pale in comparison.  Hello, our Chinese kungfu stars, do something that will do our Chinese martial arts justice.  

Ok, now it is time for the difference.  The Ninja Assassin has a very cliche Hollywood story, and poor martial arts performance.  Rain's acting is too unnatural and always the same facial expression.  What's more, there are too many mistakes in the movie.  Go see them for yourself.  

Goemon's story is not too fresh either, but at least more attention catching.  Some suspense making the audiences wanting to see what's next.   

Ah, one more commonality between the two films.  Both are very unrealistic.  In Ninja Assassin, ninja warriors have this special skill that if they pray with some mysterious sutra, their wounds would heal on its own.  I was, at one time, wondering whether I was watching Ninja or X-men?!

In Goemon, the ancient Japanese streets, castles, somehow look like European streets and castles.  You may wonder whether you are watching a Japanese movie, or a European movie.  The most obvious one is a castle with an interior that looks like a Gothic Cathedral.  

My ratings:

Ninja Assassin: 2.5/5
Goemon: 3.5/5 

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