Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gypsy Child Thieves

I was directed to this BBC documentary about Gypsy Child Thieves in Europe.  I was surprised by their boldness in robbing, not only stealing of people in the streets, and obviously the police can't do much.  It reminds me of what I saw when I traveled in Italy, and my colleague's painful experience of having his passport stolen in Vatican.

This documentary will be useful to help you mentally prepare yourself if you are planning your trip to Europe for the first time.  If you have been to Europe and been lucky not to encounter any of such incidents, it may help you get to know Europe better.

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

Part V:

It is scary to see how they steal at the Milan Central Railway Station, where I used to stay nearby.  When I was in Milan, whenever I saw Gypsies coming onboard a train, I became much more alert about my own belongs.  It is not discrimination but, rather, self-defense.  Nobody wants to get things stolen. 


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  2. Oops, sorry, the videos are no longer there due to copy right reason.