Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Microstock: Purging Starts at Dreamstime

Received an email from Dreamstime today, telling me I have one photo that has been on their database for more than 4 years without any download. 

I am given 3 options:

1. Donate the photo as a free photo
2. Re-keyword using Dreamstime's keyword service at 0.40/image
3. Disable the image, ie. get rid of it from the database

Long long time ago, some contributors from various microstock sites have been talking about purging the increasingly big database.  It gets more and more urgent as all the sites have gone by the million photos mark and getting closer and closer to the 10 million photos mark.

I decided to give out the image free.  4 years without any download means it is not really that great an image.  I am more willing to share it with people who might find it beautiful or useful. 

Dreamstime is the first microstock to purge their database, I am wondering whether this purging exercise will soon become an industry norm, which I think it will. 

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