Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kitaro "Love & Peace" World Tour 2010

Attended Kitaro's "Love & Peace" World Tour 2010 concert at Singapore Indoor Stadium on 9 Mar.   I was first introduced to his music by YK back in my university days.  His most famous pieces are from his Silk Road series.  A Japanese, spending time in China and got inspired for great music.  It itself is very impressive.

The concert started at 8.15pm, lasted about 2 hours and 20 mins, with 20 mins recess after 1 hour of performance.  It was the very first time I listened to Kitaro's music live.  My personal favorites are his keyboard & flute works, but his drums are not very good, or I don't know whether it was because the drum team is actually a local Singapore Taigu group, not the real Japanese pros.

His music has this magic power to bring you to paradise, make your soul free from your body, your mind jumps, dances freely in an unlimited universe, calms the worrying, anxious hearts.

Jane Zhang (张靓颖)  from China's 'Super Female Vocal' 超级女声 made a special guest appearance and sang a song composed by Kitaro - Impressions of the West Lake (西湖印象).   Her voice is beautiful, just like her looks.   Below is a YouTube video of Jane Zhang singing the same song at Kitaro's concert in Tokyo.

The concert ended with Kitaro's most famous piece - Matsuri (Enshrining).

A great night with great music!

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