Sunday, December 12, 2010

Singapore Medical Expenses

It has been quite a while people complain about rising medical expenses in Singapore.  I didn't actually feel the pinch as I am mostly covered by company's medical benefits and under normal circumstances, the amount is sufficient to cover me for a full calendar year, with this year being the exception.

In total, I have S$650 a year as the max medical claim I have a one year.  Out of this S$650, S$70 went to a routine dental checkup (which used to be around S$35), then another S$300 went to my annual medical check-up.  I don't think you can complain much about these two, they are necessary, as recommended by the medical professionals.  Then another S$300 went to my glasses.  Didn't make any glasses in two years, so it is time to make a new pair.  S$300 is at best, the median price you pay for a decent pair of glasses, not even for any fancy frames, or expensive lenses yet.  Then that goes my S$650.

Unfortunately I got a flu recently.  Then the bill gave me a big surprise.  S$23 as doctor's consultation fee, S$17 as the cost of some anti-biotics, and the rest for the rest of the medicine.  Total damage is S$53!  This is only for a common flu, not something serious.  If one visit to the doctor is not enough, then 2 visits will cost at least S$100.  For someone earning S$1000 a month, that's 10% of his/her salary.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Worry Too Much想太多

You worry too much, so said someone.  Or, do I?