Friday, August 21, 2015

KimChi Restaurant at Suntec

After the multi-year renovation of Suntec Mall, there are more restaurants available.  One of them is a Korean casual dining place called KimChi, supposely after the famous Korean dish.

My order is H6 Daeji Bulgogi.  Basically it is pork (or beef?) in a stone bone, together with lots of vegetables, such a broccoli, mushroom, onions, etc.  I think everything is already ready made, and then re-heat to serve to the customers.  In my case, I think the food was warm, but not really hot.
The presentation of the food is not bad, it looks appetizing.  In terms of taste, the pork is tender, and thinly sliced.  One think I don't like it very much is the mushroom is raw.  I prefer well-cooked mushrooms, for food safety reason.

Overall I think it is reasonable, and the price is not high.  The cost for this dish is $14.90++.  

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bangkok Jam at Plaza Singapura

I don't really know the story behind Bangkok Jam, but I suppose it is to provide modern Thai dining experiences.

Mixed Grill, S$25

We ordered a plate of mixed grill to share between the two of us.  The food portion is reasonable.  The sotong looks good and tastes good too, especially with the sauces provided.  Look at how thick the sotong is, and the meaty feeling is satisfying.  The prawns are not bad.  BBQed to such an extent that the shell becomes fragrant, and adds to sensation and smell of the fresh prawn.

The beef is a let-down, I must say, it is too dry, to hard, and very difficult to chew.  In addition, it is a bit tasteless.  The chicken is good though.  Slightly burnt on the skin, but the inside is totally intact, retaining all the juice and remains tender.  My friend in particular likes the grilled chicken.

Clear Tom Yam Soup, S$10.90

The clear tom yam soup comes in very small portion, with a really tiny amount of soup.  The ingredients are just so so, not very fantastic, the soup is quite good, strong in taste, and it is very spicy.  You need some rice to come with it, or it may not be acceptable to people who don't eat spicy food.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pow Sing at Serangoon Garden

Pow Sing is a popular place for office workers to have a lunch gathering.  The restaurant has been there for more than a decade since I got to know the place, and they are still going strong.

Steamed Chicken

Their signature dish is the steamed chicken.  It is a must-order dish whenever we come here for lunch.  The chicken has jelly like skin, firm but tender and juicy meat.  It is different from the other famous chicken rice stalls such as Zhen Zhen at Marvell or the Ipoh Lou You Bean Sprout Chicken.  It has its own unique style.

Curry Fish Head

Another signature dish is the curry fish head.  Personally I find it good, but not exceptionally good.  The fish head is fresh, that is a plus point, but the curry is a bit more watery.

Crispy Sotong Rings

My former boss's must-have dish is the crispy sotong ring.  Somehow they can get the whole sotong ring super crispy.  Every bite comes with the crushing sound.  I quite like this dish, although it is not really healthy.

Other dishes such as Wu Xiang and the Sambal Kunkong are not bad.

It is one of those restaurants that carries the Singapore traditional food, and surviving.  I hope it will continue to survive so that we can enjoy some quality Singapore local food, at a reasonable price.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mission Impossible 5

Mission Impossible is a never ending series, and Tom Cruise seems to be the never ending hero as well.  The first Mission Impossible movie was released back in 1996, almost 30 years ago.  And until today, we are still seeing the never-get-old Tom Cruise doing the impossible in the movie.

M. I. 5 continues to give movie goers the thrill of actions and the complexity of the plot.  The story line is a little plain but yet still have some necessary twists and turns, and suspense sometimes, to keep the audience's attention.

Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson adds quite some life to the movie and makes the movie more interesting.

Overall, it is a good action movie that entertains the audience well.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sum's Kitchen and Hong Kong Roast Meat

This restaurant is adjacent to the famous Sembawang White Bee Hoon.  The decoration is from the last century, and retains lots of old times charm.

My friend recommended the roast duck.  This may not be THE best, but it is still one of the best I think.  I saw some reviews saying it is no longer as good as it used to before, so I guess it was even better in the past.  The duck skin is crispy, that's the basic requirement.  The meat retains reasonable amount of juice, and still firm, but not chewy.

Roast Duck

Daily Soup

Chinese Spinach with Egg and Century Egg 

Egg Plant

Steam Chicken with Black Fungus

The other dishes we ordered were all common Cantonese dishes.  Fried Chinese spinach with egg and century egg was good.  I think I didn't have this dish for quite some years, as many places don't offer this dish anymore, but it was very common some ten years ago here in Singapore,

The steam chicken with black fungus was not bad.  The fungus and dates brought out the freshness of the chicken meat.

I enjoyed my dinner very much.  This restaurant offers good Cantonese food at a reasonable price.  Guess how much was the total bill?

The restaurant is a bit small though.  There are only 6 tables indoor, and ~4 tables outdoor.