Monday, June 4, 2012


ZhouZhang is one of the most famous towns in east China, and said to be the Venice of China.  However, in this case, ZhouZhuang is one of Tunglok group of restaurants in Singapore, for mid-class Chinese cuisine.  In the past, I tried their high tea buffet, which was not too bad.  This time, I was attracted to it because they offered me a 20% discount and a free birthday cake, as I am a Tunglok card holder and this is my birthday month :)

As usual, we were very promptly served the pickles.  Pickles are the most profitable dishes in any Chinese restaurant, if they are not free :P.  Somehow I liked the pickles from ZhouZhuang very much.  It is a bit source, perfect to serve as the appetizer.

Next came out crispy roasted chicken.  How to tell a good roasted chicken from a bad one?  For me, always use the two rules:

Rule #1: The skin must be crispy.  You bite the chicken, you must be able to hear that cracking sound of the skin when the skin is being crushed by your powerful teeth!

Rule #2: Is the meat still juicy?  If it is dry and hard, forget about it, that's lousy.  If it is still tender and juicy, yeah, you are in good hands.

Highlight of the night was the sea bass.  It was not really done perfect, but it was still nice.  Purple said the fish had a bit of fishy smell, well, I didn't notice it.  Girls are more sensitive :)

Our vegie dish was ordinary, nothing to shout about, but at least it was not bad.

What is not included here is my birthday cake.  It was a mango + strawberry fruit cake.  At first, I didn't expect much from it, thinking they probably will just buy a cake from any cake shop, but it happened to be their own Tunglok cake.  Then I didn't expect the taste to be fantastic, but it turned out to be very good.  I tried one slice the following morning, and then I couldn't keep my mind off that cake.  The cake was tender, juicy, and it had a fragrance that I simply couldn't resist.  Haha...that explains why you can't see any photos of the cake :P