Sunday, February 20, 2011

Good Health

It started on a rainy Saturday last December.  I went out with a new friend, bring her around Singapore, happily sightseeing.  Then after I came back home, this feeling of impending flu bothered me.  I got a flu.  Flu, no big deal, didn't think too much about it.  Then starting from running nose/blocked nose, to cough, to long lasting cough from that Saturday, throughout my trip to Jordan and Egypt at the end of December, then lasting through January, then Chinese New Year, and then it became worst in the last week.  Fever raised its ugly head after many many years.

I was really a bit scared, wondering what has happened.  The cough medicine is like no use, neither is the medicine for my blocked nose.

Until then did I realise how great it is to have good health.  Small little ailment is going to spoil your day, all the fun in life. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Counting my Blessings

In difficult times, you should count your blessings, in good times, you should also count my blessings.  Chinese New Year is just over, and it is a good time to count my own blessings.

I have loving parents.  They are not wealthy or smart or extraordinary, but they love me unconditionally, whole-heartily.  Sometimes their love is causing lots of trouble for me, and not really the way I would want it, but then, still, they love me, no doubt about it.

I am very lucky to have good bosses in my work.  My former boss FHS and current boss HHC, are both persons with lots of ideas, persons of great integrity.  They are knowledgeable but yet lenient.  It has been a great experience working for them.

Then my colleagues are great too.  Mr Summer, is like god-sent.  Difficult to find someone who is both willing and capable, and at the same time, of integrity.  KL is another god-sent, he has all that qualities of Mr Summer, plus he is caring.  Mr Corn, our investment guru, who taught many of us the principles of investment and make many of our colleagues a lot richer, having a much bigger bonus from the investment world than from our work.  It greatly helps to alleviate our anxiety to work for money.

On personal front, I have great friends like Ms Zhou who enthusiastically help me look for a g/f, so does Mr Liu.  My dear dear elder sistor Ms Y, who is always on my side and ready to help me take care of all kind of chores.  Then HJ, a strange classmate of mine from university days.  Of course I can't forget Ms Purple, who is always willing to lend me her ears to listen to my complaints.

I am lucky to have a roof over my head in this world of rising property price.  At least I don't have to pay high rents and being at the mercy of the flatowner anymore.  I have been healthy, without any major illness, except the recent long-lasting flu.

I have not traveled to many places on planet earth.  Not as many as the savvy travelers, but a lot more than many.

I am grateful.  Life is beautiful, and we should look forward to an even better tomorrow.  ^_^

Friday, February 18, 2011

Removal of TV & Radio License Fees

It has been many years that I wanted the stupid TV & Radio license fees to be removed permanently from the island of Singapore, but to no avail.  The reason given was always that we needed the money to sponsor the less popular TV & radio programs such as some documentaries.

Today, 18 Feb 2011, the Singapore finance minister, announced in his 2011 budget speech, that the TV & Radio license fees will be permanently removed from this lovely island.  Hooray, this island becomes more beautiful with the removal.  It is a day for a small celebration, although too bad I am still very sick, down with the flu bug.  It is a day to remember, finanlly the government acknowledged that the TV & Radio license fees are no longer relevant and out-dated. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Flu, Flu, Flu

The weather in recent days is bad, sudden changes from hot to cold and back from cold to hot.  When you go out to any shopping center, or taking MRT or bus, don't you notice there are many people around you are coughing, sneezing, etc.  How about in the office?  It is again many people coughing, sneezing.

The flu bug seems to be extremely strong.  Many people around me are catching the flu bug, myself no exception.

May everybody have good health!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Guangzhou Lizhiwan (荔枝湾)

In Seoul, South Korea, there is a place called Cheonggyecheon.  It is one of the great achievements of the incumbent President - Lee Myung-bak, when he was the mayor of Seoul.  Cheonggyecheon used to be nothing but a polluted, smelly stream in the city.  The previous mayors chose to simply cover up this smelly stream with concrete and forget about it, but Lee decided to do something to it and restore it to its original beauty.  And indeed he made it.  Then a years earlier, some government officials from Guangdong province in China visited Cheonggyecheon, so they decided to do the same, then came the Lizhiwan.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Here you see the new Lizhiwan at night.  Elegant bridges, winding water ways, blue-grey brick buildings of typical South China architecture, illuminated under the Chinese New Year festive light-up, bump boats ferrying tourists, local and non-local, along the waterways.

Walking along Lizhiwan, you might wonder whether time has gone back to the glory days of Lizhiwan, which was the richest part of Guangzhou City in the days of Qing Dynasty.  Being the only port allowed to trade with foreigners, Guangzhou was thriving in business.  Came with the upper class life-style of the business elites.  Lizhiwan has the highest concentration of famous restaurants with history dating back to the Qing Dynasty, and they are still in business and thriving today.

Next time when you visit Guangzhou, pay Lizhiwan a visit.  You have a feast to your taste buds, as well as to your eyes.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Flimsy Carlsberg Beer Can

Bought 6 cans of Carlsberg beer at the airport, but by the time I got home, one of them had already leaked away almost completely.  Upon close inspection, none of the cans was opened, only one has a slight dent in the can, as shown in the photo above.

Guess what, such a small dent actually led to a punch hole, a really small hole that you can hardly see it with your naked eye.  And the dear dear beer escapes from that tiny hole.

I have never experienced this before.  Then out of curiosity, I compared the Carlsberg beer can with another brand, my gosh, the can is a lot more thinner!  No wonder a small dent can cause a hole in the can!

Well, the moral of the story is: If you buy Carlsberg can beers, be careful!