Thursday, December 27, 2012

CingShui and Puli Brewery

We started our second day in Taiwan early in the morning for a long drive.  The first stop was CingShui service area.  It is a service area for people driving along the highway.  CingShui service area is also famous for its night scenes, but then we were there during day time :)  However, there is still good food for us to sample - The famous CingShui Steamed Rice Tube Pudding, well, I would say it is rice cake.

The rice cake set meal came with a plate of Chinese cabbage.

And a bowl of wanton soup.  Both are not bad.

Then it was our super star, the CingShui steamed rice tube pudding, or rice cake.  To put it simply, it is gluten rice with special sauce.  The taste was good.  Smooth and sweet.

Our next stop was Puli Brewery.  We went in two cars.  One arrived almost an hour before the other.  The reason?  The GPS played trick and brought us to a route which was long and detouring.  We ended up getting to the brewery one hour later than the other car!  Be careful about your GPS.  I still remember last time we went into some dead end road led by our unreliable GPS!

This is a brewery of Shaoxin rice wine, and it is also a museum of rice wine, telling visitors of the history of the brewery.  The place is a bit run down but still an interesting place to visit, especially if you like to drink :)

The rest of the day was way too exciting to be described here, including having a Yunnan style dinner at 2044 meters above sea level and driving in the dark in the Hehuan Mountain.

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