Saturday, December 29, 2012

Taiwan Roast Chicken

Taiwan Roast Chicken, it is the best English translation of the actual name that I can think of.  We had lunch on our day 3 Taiwan trip at Hehuan Mountain.

In the shop front, there was a row of 4-5 big, traditional ovens.  The roast chickens were prepared right there, hot from the oven.

Here comes the famous roast chicken.  The skin was crispy and the meat was still tender and juicy.  And you need someone with strong arms to tear the chicken apart :)

We ordered the set meal for 8 people, at a price of NT2500.  To me, it was a very good deal.

This is the Taiwan version of the famous 'Dragon Beard' vegetable.  I had an argument with my parents whether this vegie was the same as what we had back in Guangzhou.

Another one of my favourite dish was the fried stream shrimps.  The shrimps were tiny, after being deep fried, they were very crispy.  I simply liked the taste.

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