Sunday, December 30, 2012

Taiwan Alishan

Alishan's young men are strong as the mountain, Alishan's girls are as beautiful as water.  This is a famous folk song about Alishan.  Chinese around the globe have mostly heard of this famous and it shapes their impression of Alishan.  But, just to disappoint you, you find no Alishan young men or young girls waiting for you at Alishan :P

Entrance to Alishan National Scenic Area.  The famous Alishan Railway runs right across the two steel bridges  in the picture.

Before you get to the entrance of the Alishan National Scenic Area, you will pass by an abandoned railway station, the Fenqihu Station.  This abandoned station is famous for its railway lunch box, or bento in Japanese.  I ordered the wild boar set lunch.  The taste was not bad, and it cost me NT170 (~SGD$7.40).

And then of course we need to have a 'been there, done that' group photo.

I am not really a big fan of all these forest railways, bento, etc, but I like the natural environment in Alishan.  The air is fresh, the trees are tall.  I just love it there.  And when I saw the clouds in Alishan, I simply fell in love with it.

You see it like this at this moment.

The next moment you look at it, it has already changed.

We also witnessed a wonderful sunset.

This sunset itself is worth all the efforts for this trip to Taiwan.

The next day, we attempted to catch the sun rise.  Well, if you have already witnessed the beautiful sunset, and you also see the beautiful sunrise, don't you think that's too perfect?  Perfection is never what nature encourages.  So we didn't have a beautiful sunrise, instead, we witnesses a race of a puma and a lion.

The good stuff does not end here in Alishan.  It has even more to offer.

We took a walk in the sacred forest, with the distinct Taiwan Cypress trees lining the paths.  The one in the photo is already 2000 years old.  Taiwan Cypress is one of the best kind of wood in the world.  During Japanese occupation, Japan cut down lots of cypress trees which were older than 800 years, and brought them back to Japan.  Now in the famous Meijin Shrine in Tokyo, you could see some of the trees being used in the structures.

We didn't see the beautiful Alishan girls, but Alishan herself is already very beautiful.  I love it.

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