Saturday, December 8, 2012

Life of Pi

Life of Pi, the movie poster is somehow misleading.  Looking at the movie poster, I thought it was about the adventure of a young boy in the open sea.  Mmmh, indeed it is true, to some extent, but then there is a lot of religion factors in the movie, from Hindu, to Christianity, to Islam.  You can't watch such a movie with a simple mind.  If you do, you will find it really boring, as there is only a little of humour here and there, a little of adenture here and there, and then that's the end.

Just before the end, the director, or the script writer, teased the audiences, came up with an alternative story, and the audiences have to decide which story they have to believe.  The audience can only choose which story to believe, but they will never know which one is the true story.  The young man in the movie, Pi, is the sole survivor of the shipwreck, nobody is alive to dispute his stories.  Only he himself knows the truth while all others can only make a guess.  That leads me to agree that history is written by the winners, as all the losers are dead and they will have a chance to present their side of the story.

As entertainment, Life of Pi, is not really that entertaining; as a philosophy movie, yes it is thought provoking.  You like it or you don't like it, watch it yourself and decide :)

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