Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mountain Residence

We stayed in Hehuan Mountain over night at a place called Mountain Residence (山居).  It is a guest house by an indigenous Taiwan tribal man and his family.

On our way there, we passed by a restaurant that had be featured in one of Taiwan's good food TV programs.

Mountain Residence is located at a very unexpected place.  On one side it is the high mountain, on the other, a steep slope.  How to get there?  You need to leave the winding mountain road, then drive along a narrow path that seems like hanging on the cliff!

As the reward for the risk, here is the view from the guest house.  Houses in a valley surrounded by mountains.  Early in the morning, clouds flows in from a nearby reservoir.

It is so beautiful.  I almost mistook it as a fairy tale land.  The mind was kind, the breath was smooth, the air was fresh.  What else could you ask more?

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