Monday, November 16, 2009

Clear Shampoo

I don't know whether just me or it is common to many of its users, I recently use the Clear shampoo, the one that you see Korean star Rain in the ads, yes, that one.

After I used the shampoo, my brain feels bad. The smell makes me feel headache, and for the whole day, I feel something is attacking my scalp. It simply feels terrible.

I bought the shampoo last year, and only used it when I went swimming. Nothing wrong at that time. Then I left it in my bathroom, and then only recently I took it out and use it again. Then every time I use it, I feel terrible with my head. I couldn't think properly with that smell. It feels like I am suffocating.

No choice, I can't bear with it anymore. At the end, I decided to throw it away. I can't let my head suffer anymore. And I am disappointed with this brand of shampoo, unlikely I will ever buy that brand of shampoo anymore.

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