Saturday, June 11, 2011

Traffic Jam at the Causeway

It has been a week.  Last weekend, I planned to go over to Johor Bahru to catch a movie, but the traffic jam turned me back.  I stared at the picture on the internet showing the traffic conditions of the causeway, I was shocked in awe.  My gosh!  How could it start to have such long queue of cars early in the morning?  Then till noon, to the afternoon, to late in the night.  That was no sign of easying of traffic.

Ever since Malaysia implemented the finger printing measures for all foreign visitors, the traffic condition at the causeway always looks like this:

Massive traffic jam, from morning till night.  There is no chance that you can quickly sneak over to the other side without being caught in the jam.  It is really sad to see Malaysia side didn't make any attempt to improve the situation, and people who have to commute between the two sides of Straits of Johor will have to suffer in silence everyday.  For sure, it is not one way of promoting Johor or Malaysia as whole as a first world country.  

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