Sunday, July 10, 2011

Comparing Prices

People will compare prices when they go shopping, but usually I don't :)  To me, the prices are almost the same and it is not worth the time to shop around, until one day I met DZ.   He taught me the art of negotiation and how much price difference you can extract from different merchants.  It is never a good idea to buy on spur.

Yesterday, as I walked past a major watch chain store, I was attracted by their Citizen Eco-Drive watches.  I had always wanted to get one for myself, but still not yet.  They were offering 10% discount store wide and another 10% discount if you pay with a certain bank's credit/debit card.

The watch I was looking at was Citizen CA0030-52E, Gents Chronograph Titanium sports watch.  It is fancy, it is light, and with precious metal Titanium as the bracelet and case.  The price before discount is S$728, after discount is S$589.  It sounds like not a bad deal, you shave off 100 over bucks.  However, I decided to do some research first before I made the purchase.  I thanked the sale lady, and left, with her face black black, didn't even say good bye to me.

As I searched in the internet, the same watch is going for ~S$369!  There is a price difference of S$220!  My gosh, I almost generously donated to somebody else's wealth with my wealth.

This really teaches me a lesson:  Must compare prices when shopping, no matter how unfriendly the sales person's face turns.

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