Friday, September 23, 2011

A New Phone, A New Experience

I had used my time-tested old Nokia phone for more than 3 years, and I am one of those from pre-historic age who still used a non-smart phone.  All that changed two weeks ago when I made my first ever smart phone purchase - A Samsung Galaxy Ace.  

It is one of the low cost smart phones available on the market.  It has all the basic functions I need for a phone, plus the many advantages that come with a smart phone.  

What is different now?  I can read electronic version of news, get updated on all the latest time-sensitive data.  I can enjoy reading a book or something interesting while waiting patiently for friends who are known to be forever late.  

I practice my Japanese on the go, or any small little time I have.  Practice makes perfect.  I do notice I have improved on my Katakana, which was very bad previously.

I can use my phone to record down my exercises.  It shows you the distance you run or walk, amount of calories burnt.  Pretty interesting, heh?

Most importantly, my phone now has more functions that I can use, although I still think that unless I am hooked on my phone most of my waking, my phone usage is still quite low.  No time for all the 'fun' stuff :(

Generally speaking, I am quite happy with my new experience, although it is already quite a lag behind others.  

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