Saturday, April 4, 2015

Journey to Gold Coast! - Day 2: Sea World

Early morning on Day 2, we caught Bus 705 from Ferny Avenue stop to Sea World.  It is very convenient, Sea World is the last stop.

Sea World is pretty large, and there are many opportunities for you to have close encounter with the sea creatures.

But before that, let's meet some fictitious creatures - The Ninja Turtles!

Sea Lion Show

They have 3 main shows, namely the sea lion show, dolphin show and jet skiing show.  There are 3 in the morning, a repeat of all 3 in the afternoon.

The dolphin show is not always the same.  I saw it twice on two different days.  The first one was just so so, but the second one was much nicer, with more dolphins, and more tricks.

They have a big aquarium where you can have a closer look at how beautiful the sea creatures swim under water.

A Cowtail Stingray

You can basically spend hours there just to watch all the beautiful fishes, sharks, stingrays gliding around.  However, I would say Singapore's SEA Aquarium is much better and offers much more species on display.

The penguins were just lively and very active.  One of them just couldn't stop swimming around in all kinds of styles and positions.

I will stop here.  If you want to know better, you've got to experience it first hand yourself.  :)

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