Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bogus Seminar

I bought a Groupon voucher for a 'seminar' some time ago, and I was eagerly waiting for the seminar day to come, hoping I can gain some knowledge from this 'seminar'.  When I bought the Groupon, I did notice some of the free seminars organized by some investment services are being put on sale at Groupon with a nominal fee.  I hesitated, but then, still what the heck, just putting 12 bucks at risk, I took the risk.

I went for the seminar today.  It was a fear come true story.  The so-called 'seminar' ended up more like a   sales talk, product introduction, rather than a seminar where you can gain some knowledge.

I won't say the name of it, but then in the future, I will be more careful and skeptical about such 'seminars'.  This is to share with people who might be interested.

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