Saturday, September 22, 2012

Gardens by the Bay - OCBC Skywalk

It has been a while since the opening of the OCBC Skywalk in the Gardens by the Bay, but I had yet to give it a try myself, until today.

I had been to some tree top walks, so I guess the experience may be similar, so I didn't really expect much.  But then when I really stepped my feet out of the elevator and onto the skywalk itself, I knew it was different.   How talk can a normal tree be?  30 meters high?  That is about 10 stories.  How about the OCBC Skywalk?  I don't have the official numbers, but my humble watch says it is ~90m above sea level, although it doesn't look like this high.

Looking from the top indeed is very different from looking from the bottom.  The super trees look so 'ordinary' now when you stand on the skywalk.

When the wind blows, the skywalk shakes.  It kind of scares me, really.  The skywalk is being sustained by tiny stainless steel wires tied to the super tree tiny branches.  When there is wind, you have this feel of a candle in the wind.  Lucky Singapore has no Typhoon, otherwise....

Anyway, it was a great experience, and if you have the opportunity, give it a try.  You won't regret it.

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