Sunday, September 16, 2012

Olympus E-PM1 Review IV: Daylight Performance (Conintued)

Previously I already wrote about the E-PM1's daylight performance, the performance was not too good.  To give it a second chance, I did this again.

This time I chose the busy Orchard Road as my subject under much better daylight.  YMCA and the nearby church came out vibrantly in the picture, plus the striking red SBS bus.

Looking at the 100% crop of the area being well lit.  The result is not too bad.

But looking at the area where the lighting condition is more challenging, again we see the patches of pixels.  I took this photo using iAuto mode, I did notice the 'Sharpness' setting has been automatically set to 'hard'.

Instead of shooting subjects far away, this time I chose to shoot something nearer.  The bus stop in front of me appeared to be pretty well in the picture.

Looking at the area where lighting condition is more challenging.  Both well lit area and poorly lit area are well captured.  No patches of pixels here, at least it is not obvious.

Lastly, let's look at our typical Singapore HDB.  The blue sky, the red and yellow HDB wall, they all appeared vibrantly in the picture.

The photo still looks very decent at 100% crop.

In conclusion, Olympus E-PM1 can perform reasonably well under well lit conditions, but the performance will deteriorate very fast once the lighting conditions become a bit more challenging, especially so for far away subjects.  It is probably also has something to do with the lens.  For far away subjects, the user will tend to zoom in more, using the kit lens' far end, which usually does not perform as well as the 'sweet point' of the lens.

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