Saturday, September 1, 2012

Olympus E-PM1

It has been many long years since my last purchase of any camera-related stuff, until recently, I again get interested in photography, to experience the great advancement in this field of technology.  In a few short years, our cameras have transformed from bulky dSLRs to the compact, yet still high quality micro-4/3 systems.  There are also many mirrorless dSLRs available in the market.

Today, I finally made the decision to purchase the Olympus PEN series E-PM1.  What made me finally decide to do that?  I was playing with the camera at COMEX this afternoon.  The feel of it in my hand is so comfortable!  It is light, a stark contrast to my Canon EOS20D, plus my two bulking lenses.  One weights like a piece of brick, while the other feels like a feature.

Olympus is notorious for their user interface.  The last time I used an Olympus, I was really put off by all the hidden, scenario sensitive menus.  It was like a hide and seek game.  Now Olympus still has many hidden menus, and it did take me quite a number of hours to get a hand of it, but then, hey, it is still quite manageable.  Once you know how it works, actually it is quite alright.

New technology does provide a lot more convenience than my old dSLR.  It is not that my old dSLR can't do something, just that new technology makes it easier, more efficient, & saves time.

I am looking forward to a more exciting & enjoyable journey with my new camera.  Once I can confirm that the image quality from this camera lens pair is as good as my bulky camera lens set, then I most probably will just sell off my old ones.

This is the age of digital technology advancement.


  1. I'm using a Canon DSLR as well, and you're right. They're so bulky and such a hassle to bring around sometimes. I still love it though. I've had my eyes on the Pen series too, so I'm really looking forward to your review about this camera's function. :)

  2. Thanks for coming to my blog. I will review the different features of the camera in the coming weeks. You can find the first part of the review at