Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lao Beijing Restaurant

Lao Beijing Restaurant is one of Tunglok group of restaurants.  Recently we got this concession card called the Happy Card.

If you spend S$60 or more in a single bill, then you can get a S$25 fixed discount for that meal.  This discount is valid for 12 times within 3 months, the cost of the card itself is S$10.  We did our calculation and figured that if we spend just S$60, and get a S$25 discount, it is equivalent to a 42% discount!  It is a pretty good deal.  The card is valid for Lao Beijing, Zhouzhuang, Lingzhi and Garuda, but not valid at other Tunglok brand restaurants, such as Tunglok Signiture.

For today, we visited the Lao Beijing branch at Plaza Singapura.

The restaurant has a very classic Chinese restaurant setting, with the traditional style of furniture.

Even the menu is bounded like a traditional Chinese book.

Our first dish was mixed vegetable of celery, carrot, black fungus, and bai-he, a Chinese herb.

Second dish was mutton with leek.  That special smell of mutton was completely eliminated.  That was a good point.

Third dish is a soup, pigeon soup.  Probably some people may start frowning, but hey, it is not bad.  It is a tonic good for health.

We also ordered a cold dish, which was the beef tendon.  It is a little bit spicy, but not so spicy that you can't take it without water.  The tendon had been cut into smaller pieces, easy to chew in the mouth.  The tendon was crispy and a little bit chewy.  It was not bad.

Our grand finale was the sea bass.  My friend complained that the meat was not tender enough, but knowing his background of being more customed to fresh water fish, I was not really that critical of the fish.  However, the fish was not acceptable but not extremely fresh.  Guess can't ask for too much for sea water fish.

In general, as a member of Tunglok group, the quality of food is not too bad, there is a certain standard to it, but it doesn't mean that the taste is fantastic.  Somehow the food has been modified to suit the local taste, as a result, some key flavour kind of missing.   Anyway, overall it is still a pretty good restaurant if you would like to taste some northern Chinese food.

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