Saturday, September 8, 2012

Olympus E-PM1 Review - Part II: Day Light Performance

After checking out E-PM1's low light performance, I continued to test its day light performance.  I again went to our famous Marina Bay area to photograph Singapore's financial center.

At low magnification, the photo looks quite reasonable, and any photographer should be pretty happy about the results.  How about at 100% crop?

At 100% crop, it is always problematic.  At the Tung Center there, you can see patches of pixels.  I don't know whether it is due to the sensor or it is related to the lens.  When I use my trusted 28-138mm lens on my dSLR, at the 135mm end, I would have such a problem too.

Let's look at another photo under a slightly more harsh lighting condition.

This photo was taken at around noon time.  The sun was still there, although it was a bit cloudy.  The trees appeared to be very dark in the photo.  I used both 'landscape' mode and iAuto mode to take the picture, but in both cases, the subjects appeared to be very under exposed.  I suspect the sensor's metering had been fooled by the strong background lighting.  For me, I did expect a better metering performance with E-PM1.

So far nothing from E-PM1 has impressed me in my test, other than its nice body design.  How about we look at something small.

I used the macro mode for some flower shots.  The result was not too bad actually.

Even at 100% crop, the edges are sharp, the color is vivid.  There is no patches of pixels as we saw earlier.

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