Sunday, September 9, 2012

Olympus E-PM1 Review - Part III: Battery Life

I only have one battery for my E-PM1, which is the original battery that came with the camera.  I fully charged the battery on Friday night, knowing that I would be going out for heavy shooting over the weekend.

This afternoon, after shooting ~186 shots over the last two days, the battery indicator started to flash warning.  Only 2 bars left out of a total of 3 bars.  This sounds a bit on the low side of my expectation.  If you bring this camera out for a day shoot, for me I will shoot around 100 photos in a normal day, so it is probably ok for a normal day shoot, under normal temperature of 27C.  If you take the camera out in a chilly day in winter, what will happen?  In this case, a back-up battery seems absolutely necessary.  I highly suspect it is the display that is draining off the juice from the battery fast, but this camera has no way to shut it off while shooting.

However, for 186 photos per charge, it is still comparable with other cameras in the same league I think, so it is not all that bad.  

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