Saturday, May 26, 2007

Microstock: Min Resolution

Different microstock sites have different requirements on the minimum resolution of photos. The table below summarizes their requirements.

Microstock Site Min Resolution Req'd
iStockPhoto1600 pixels x 1200 pixels
ShutterStock4 Mega Pixels
Dreamstime4 Mega Pixels
BigStockPhoto800 pixels across
123rf2200 pixels x 1700 pixels

To find out what resolution your photo is at, you can open the photo in PhotoShop, go to Edit -> Image Size, a window will pop-up. Look at the pixel dimensions. Use the width times the Height then you will get the image resolution. The numbers in the table above are the minimum sizes required, if you have a higher resolution photo, don't downsize it unless necessary. It may affect the photo's sales potential. However, sometimes you have to resort to downsizing in order to minimize noise and image compression.

The trend in image resolution is it is going up. Just about a year ago, the minimum resolution required at ShutterStock was only 2.5 MegaPixels, now they raised it up to 4 MegaPixels for all the new contributing photographers.

Technology is changing fast in this age. We had seen digital cameras evolved from a mere 1.3MegaPixels to 10MegaPixels. Make full use of your camera before it becomes obsolete :)

An additional point to add, don't have the wrong impression that microstock is only for digital photos. They accept photos scanned from slides and films too.

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