Saturday, May 19, 2007

My DIY Gary Fong's Lightsphere

Being unwilling to cough out 90 bucks for an original Gary Fong Lightsphere, nor 45 bucks for an imitation product, I DIY one for myself, using some cheap and easily available materials. This was inspired by the Strobist DIY spirit. That's how my DIY lightsphere looks like.

Courtesty of a fellow photography hobbyist, Mr Raw Bean, I have this sample picture using my DIY lightsphere. The light is well diffused. Harsh shadows are somehow minimised.

How do I do it? Here is the simple procedure:

1. Save the plastic bowl from your Chinese take-away food

2. Cut a hole at the bottom of the plastic bowl. The size of the hole depends on which flash you are using. Just make sure that the hole fits your flash light well.

3. Place tissue paper or tracing paper on the lid. How many layers of tissue paper depends on how much light you want to let through. You can experiment with this even after you finish your final product, and you change when your needs change.

4. Put the lid back. Voila, here is your DIY lightsphere. It will cost you a bowl of take-away noodle, a few cents for the tissue paper or tracing paper, and some scotch tapes to tidy up the edges.

Please tell me what you think of this, any improvement suggestion will be most welcome. By the way, you can find the original Gary Fong products at his site:

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