Saturday, July 28, 2007

Aiming Higher

My last post may have made some worried about me. Don't worry, I am doing fine. I am just trying to aim a bit higher. Hui Fang always says "If you aim for the sky, even if you miss the sky, you will land on the roof". But then I always said to her "If you miss the sky, most probably you will miss the roof, and land right on the ground!" :D

Lady Elf had arisen from a simple sales person to director of sales, and soon to become Vice President, if he so wishes. That Elf has critised me for being unambitious for a long long time (from time that I can remember). Partially in response to his critism, partially feeling jealous to his great achievement, I now decide to aim higher too.

Tom says that whatever I do, I will lay down at least 3 layers of safety measures :) There is nothing wrong to play safe, but then sometimes too safe is a danger itself. Humans are bound to make mistakes. The more you do, the more mistakes you make. Sometimes the consequences are minor, sometimes you have to pay heavily for them. The safetest way of not making any mistakes is doing nothing. By doing nothing, it is the greatest danger ever.

Haha, I think I had better stop here before I confuse more people.

I accidentally changed my settings for comments, now it is back to normal. Anybody can leave me a comment now.

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