Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fashion: Look at my buttock

It has been annoying me for quite a while. People here like to wear low cut or loose jeans. It is so low so loose that the underwear will inevitably pop up to take a look at the outside world. Sometimes the underwear gets a bit tired of all the pollution and noise, it decides to just remain under the shelter of the jeans. In that case, the hair buttock takes over, and gets a sunbath. It is not just a small part of the buttock, but it is like 50% of it is out for a tan. Being an equal opportunity society, this happens to both men and women. There is no age discrimination, either. From teens all the way to fathers mothers in their 30s, 40s do the same, the only difference maybe in the style of underwear, and the wrinkles appearing on the buttocks.

Sigh, the true spirit of European style of fashion?

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