Saturday, June 26, 2010



This is a book authored by a well-known Singaporean stock investor, Dr. Chan.  Dr Chan graduated from Nanyang University with major in mathmatics, and received his master's from University of Lancaster & PhD from Unviersity of Manchester.  He later moved to Hong Kong and became a memeber of the teaching staff at the City Unversity of Hong Kong. 

Dr Chan came back to Singapore to give public talks on investment many times, with tickets selling at as high a price as S$120.  His many 'predictions' somehow turned out to be true later.  He is regarded as an investment guru.

In this book, he shared with the readers his growing up story, how he started in stocks, and his philosophy in investment.  Great minds think alike.  Dr Chan, and many other successful investors, share the same idea that in order to be successful in investment, you have to first face yourself and settle your psychology.  Without that, you will NEVER be successful. 

Dr Chan also introduces to the readers some of the indicators he uses for his investment decisions, shares the thoughts he had when he made some of the most important investment decisions which significantly changed his life. 

You can borrow the book from the library to read.  The book is published in traditional Chinese. 

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