Thursday, June 3, 2010

Singapore Local Cafes

Recently I have been patroning some of our Singapore local style cafes, including Ya Kun, Toast Box and Wang Cafe.  Now I will share with you my opinions and experiences. 

Let's first start with Ya Kun.  I visited the one at Lot 1 at Chua Chu Kang and also the branch at Changi Terminal 3. 

They have 3 different set meals for you to choose.  All set meals basically include kaya toast, half cooked egg and a South-East Asian style coffee.  I particularly pointed out South-East Asian style, because the way the coffee beans are process is different from the western world.  In South East Asia, especially in Singapore and Malaysia, they like to fry the coffee beans with butter to give it some extra fragrance. 

Their kaya toast is crispy and smells the fragrance of the toasted bread and kaya.  Coffee is thick and heavy in taste.  It serves perfectly as breakfast, to wake you up completely from a good night's sleep.  The half boiled egg is tender and smooth.

Toast Box is a branch of Breadtalk, so you always see them side by side.  The shops are always crowded with the breakfast crowd. 

Toast box also has set meals, but in my opinion, they are a bit on the pricy side.  The other day, I ordered a breakfast set for $3.40, which includes a cup of coffee, 1 half boiled egg, and a bacon sandwich.  Their sets come at the price of S$3.90.  Instead of a sandwich, they give you two half pieces of toasted white bread. 

I like toast box's coffee.  It gives you that good old days feel, just like sipping a cup of coffee while lazying in a hot summer day somewhere in Malaysia.  Their sandwich is nothing worth mentioned, let alone any praise.

The last one I am going to talk about is Wang Cafe.  This brand of cafes has been mushrooming around in Singapore recently.  Out of curiosity, I gave it a try this morning at Novena.  My experience is not really that good.  First is the service.  The lady taking orders is like a gangster.  Then it is the coffee.  It gave me a shock.  Is it really coffee?  Tasted like some muddy water, yucks!  They couldn't even get the half boiled egg right.  Half boiled egg is supposed to be tender, soft and smooth, but theirs?  Sigh...  The only piece that saves the whole set is the kaya toast.  It is not fantastic, but at least it is still not below standard.  I don't think I will patron this cafe anymore. 

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