Sunday, September 5, 2010

Elva Hsiao Wow 2010 World Tour - Singapore

Went for Elva Hsiao's world tour concert last night at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.  The concert is a feast to the eyes.  The costumes, the stage design, and the beautiful and sexy Elva, there is really nothing to complain about for all the visual effects.

However, for the sound effects, I can't say the same.  There is detectable sound distortions over the entire concert.  Elva's voice appears to be a bit hoarse.  To make matter worse, the sound is unreasonably loud.  We are in the balcony seats, but then our ear drums are constantly being damaged by the loud music.  At the end of the concert, my ears drums have this low frequency humming noise lingering.

Overall, a great night of entertainment!

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