Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to Apply for a Second Singapore Passport to Go to Israel

Israel, the epic centre of war, hatred, religious conflict, regional conflict, and the garrison of the world, is one of the most unloved, unwelcomed countries in the world.  Many Arab countries, or Muslim countries, prohibit their citizens from visiting Israel, nor do they welcome anyone who has stepped their feet on the Israel soil.

It is known that if you have visited Israel, you might have problems later in entering Malaysia or Indonesia, our two dear neighbours.  As such, many 'techniques' have been devised to avoid leaving any trace of visiting Israel.

In Singapore, you can apply for a second passport specifically for visiting Israel.  The procedure is very simple.

1. Fill up your normal passport application form.  In the reason for passport application, tick 'others', then state that you plan to visit Israel.

2. Attach a recent passport-size photo to the application form

3. Provide proof of your visit to Israel.  The proof can come in the form of a company letter (if it is a business trip), or your itinerary from your tour operator, or your air ticket.

4. Pay the normal S$70/80 passport application fee

And then you just need to wait for ICA to inform you the application status.  It is just that simple.

However, I still find it a bit difficult.  Singapore Airlines has no direct flight to Israel!  And many other airlines don't either, from Singapore.  To fly directly into Israel, you most probably will have to go to somewhere in Europe, then continue from there.  Gulf countries?  Fat hope!

Let's all pray that peace in the middle east will come eventually, one day!


  1. Hi! What is expiry for this second passport?

  2. This 2nd passport is like a normal passport. However, you must surrender one of the passports once you return from Israel.

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