Friday, March 25, 2011

Life is a Roller Coaster

It has been quite a while since I last blogged.  Life is like a roller coaster in recent days.  First it was the triple disaster in Japan, earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis.  The initial response to the triple disaster is naturally sad.  Lives were lost, homes destroyed, wealth vanished, and an imminent radiation threat.  It is nothing but like a living hell, although I myself was not affected in the least.  My heart goes to the Japanese people, may those who lost their lives Rest In Peace, may those survived be strong and rebuild their home and country.

As the Chinese say, every crisis is an opportunity.  The triple disaster in Japan unexpected created lots of opportunities for other countries.  The void that the Japanese companies left had to be filled by companies from other countries.  It is immoral to profit from disasters, but it is a capitalist world, life still has to go on, the world will not stop for any one person, any one country.  The opportunity thing pushed to a high point and then now it suspects there.  The next course of movement?  Your guess is just as good as mine.

Then at time of crisis, you will tell who are your friends, and who are your back stabbers.  Some who claim to uphold the ideal of equality and freedom, and blah blah blah, are now doing exactly the opposite.  But I shall not be surprised as even their democratically elected national leaders have no financial responsibility.  It is such a down point.

Down point it may be, it is just a small episode in the course of life.  This is life.  Sometimes down, sometimes up, most importantly I am improving myself day by day, being a better and better person, though will never be a perfect person.

Life is a roller coaster, enjoy the ride, and all that fun. 

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