Sunday, March 20, 2011

Product Safety

Got myself a new bedside table from a very famous furniture store yesterday.  With great excitement, I put it beside my bed, as it is a bedside table.  Everything looked good and I was happy and satisfied, until bed time came.

After I went to bed, I simply couldn't fall asleep.  Why?  It is that smell, that new furniture smell, it made me feel dizzy.  That chemical they use to treat wooden products.

Where is it from?  Poland.  The brand?  A world famous brand from Northern Europe, and it requires self assembly, so you should know who.

I wonder, whether there is a strict product safety standards for such furniture makers to adhere to?  We are just innocent consumers who just want to have a piece of safe furniture, but please don't turn such a joyful event into a nightmare.

Luckily, I suppose I just need to put my bedside table to somewhere airy, and leave it there for some time for that chemical to fully vapourize, hopefully.

Product safety!

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