Saturday, May 28, 2011

RSAF Open House 2011

After 3 long years, this year there is another Republic of Singapore Air Force Open House.  We arrived at Hougang MRT station at around 8.40am, to catch the shuttle bus from there to the airbase.  The queue was really long, winding around the bus interchange one big round.  The number of shuttle buses seemed quite insufficient.  They didn't stream in, they slowly drove in, once in quite a while.  At 10.40am, we managed to take the shuttle bus and arrived at the air base.

As expected, the air base is hot.  The temperature was high directly under the tropical sun, and we counted us lucky in the sense that it was a cloudy day today.

At 11am, there was the aerial display, put simply, the air show.  I must say it was a bit disappointing as we didn't really see much.  After the wonderful F16 took up, it dived directly into thick cloud so thick that we couldn't see it anymore.  Then we saw Apache attach helicopters, Hercules transport helicopters, and some ground vehicles moving around, not knowing what they are.  Other than the deafening loud noise from the fighter jets, the impact of the show was really little.  Totally unimpressed.

By 12.30pm, everywhere was crowded.  Long queues everywhere and the mobile phone network is also jammed.

We decided to leave, and again, there was a long queue at the shuttle bus queue.  I think this year's logistics is really not that good, and they obviously underestimated the number of people that might turn up.  I hope they can do a better job next time.  Anyway, that next time may be 3 years later.

Well, of course, after 3 long years from the last RSAF open house, they have something new to show.  And that is - F15SG.

Here is yours truly posing with the F15SG.  Look at that Merlion logo, don't you think it looks like a tourist icon more than a military coat of arms?  Anyway, it is up close and personal :)

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