Friday, May 6, 2011

Singapore General Election 2011 - Cooling Day

Today is the day before the polling day of Singapore General Election 2011, today is also the so-called 'cooling day', for voters to cool off and enjoy some peace before they finally decide who to vote for.

Cooling day, indeed it is very cool.  No more campaigns, no more loud speakers, no more rallies, no more visits from candidates.  Anyway, I didn't experience any of that for this GE, cooling day or not.  I have not met any of the candidates in person.  In the past, candidates would wake up early early in the morning and go to MRT stations to shake hands with people.  This time round?  I didn't see any man in white, nor in red, nor in any other color except the usually rush-hour crowd.  Neither the ruling party nor the opposition seem to bother about people in this constituency.

Tomorrow is the polling day.  How do you vote when you have no idea of who your candidates are.  Even worse, I don't seem to know any of their policies, if there is any.  Media reports are nothing more than some totally useless comments, arguing about something really trifle.

Tomorrow is the polling day, cast your vote carefully, to the one you can trust.  However, if your candidates don't bother about you, who should you trust? 

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