Monday, May 28, 2012

JooMak Korean Restaurant

The location of this Korean Restaurant is a bit odd.  It is on the 4th floor of Beauty World Plaza, which you reach directly across the pedestrian overhead bridge.  Neighbouring this restaurant, there are two other Korean eateries.  It seems like it is a local haunt for the Koreans.  Directly outside the restaurant, it is a hawker center like eating place, I can't really tell whether it is a hawker center or a wet market.  Anyway, strange place.  We arrived just after a heavy down pour, the sky was dark, the air was chilling, I really wanted to get some warmth in this small little eating place.

The deco inside is amateurish to the best.  On one side of the wall, there is a mural depicting the ancient Korean life.

On the other side of the wall, the Korean character system was used as the wall paper, on top of it, lots of Korean Pop posters, photos, etc.  It is an odd blend of ancient and modern, old and new fashion.

They are quite generous with their side dishes.  Take a look, there were twelve different types!  I like those Korean side dishes a lot.  They are appetizing, but will not make you fill full.

I ordered the Ginseng Chicken, one of the most famous Korean dish.  I was given a whole chicken, with rice stuffed inside the chicken.  The soup has a slight taste of Ginseng only, but the chicken itself at least is tender.

My friend ordered the pancake.  Pancake?  I was surprised to know it is actually a Korean dish.  I have never seen this before in Korea.  The taste?  Like pancake.  It is fried egg with sotong stuffed inside.  If you like fried egg, you won't complain too much about it.

The patrons to this restaurant are mostly Koreans, so it must be one of the famous place to go for those who miss their food in their home country.  

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