Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Groupon Experience

Groupon, the group purchase company, has been present in Singapore for quite a while.  I was quite happy to see all those wonderful deals when I first 'discovered' them.  I got my first golf experience, although on simulation, was brought to me by Groupon.  Then my first experience in pawn fishing, was also a Groupon experience.  I was pretty happy with my Groupon experience, until recently.

After my pleasant experiences with Groupon, I further purchased a deal at S$78 for a Japanese language course.  I checked their class schedule, plenty of classes available for you to choose.  I had the perception that maybe I could just join one of their classes.  However, later I found out that they group all those Groupon students in a separate class, and they only have one class available, and it is on a week day night, which I can't attend, due to my long hours of work.  The manager from the school advised me to get back to Groupon to get a refund, which I did.  I first sent them an email.  No reply in 7 days.  I gave them a call, they said they could direct my request to their refund department.  Now 5 days had passed, no news from them at all.

No upset by this first unpleasant experience, I went on to purchase a S$180 golf course for beginners.  This time I also checked their schedule.  Looks like easy to find a time slot for myself.  I bought it, and registered myself.  The school came back to say not confirm that one I choose will start.  I asked them for any alternative, they then went silent.  I hope this golf course will come out to be fine, if not, I think I will think thrice before I will make any further purchases from Groupon any more.  I don't want to make a fun event into a dragful, time and money wasting event.

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