Thursday, August 29, 2013


Elysium, my idol Matt Damon's latest action movie, is action packed, the story is tight giving no moment of feeling bored.

The story is set in the year about 150 years from now.  By then, the wealth gap has become extremely huge, the rich move to the outer space to continue their posh style of life, whilst the poor remain on planet Earth, to endure the almost unbearable harsh conditions and work as cheap labour.  Doesn't it sound like what we are seeing now?  The rich western countries such as US & Europe enjoy the beauty of unspoiled natural environment, whilst people in poor countries such as China and India, and many more Asian, African, South American countries are trading their environment for survival?  Somehow it also has a slight shadow of the Hunger Games.

The movie is action packed, full action from the beginning to the end.  Somehow the director likes to use a special way of capturing actions, with the scene almost blur and hard to distinguish who is who.  Luckily I watched the 2-D version, if I watched the 3-D version, probably I would get a headache.

There are many loopholes in the plot, I will let you to spot them and make fun of the poor script-writer.  Anyway, the script-writer is more concerned about the action rather than the plot, so more or less you can put your detective mind at rest, and just sit back and relax to enjoy 100 minutes of pure entertainment.

Rating:  3/5

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