Sunday, September 1, 2013

Singapore Night Festival 2013

Singapore Night Festival started from 23 Aug, and ended last night 31 Aug.  Over two Fri/Sat nights, there were a series of night activities, light shows in the Bra Basah - Bugis area, and together with the free admission of museums too.

The facade of National Museum has been used as the giant screen for projection.

Colorful animation is being projected to the facade.  There was supposed to be some live performances, but unfortunately it was partially cancelled due to a technical glitch.

On another side of the museum, people could have a taste of 'playing with fire', with sabre-like light sticks, not the real fire, of course.  And people can also have a taste of doing some acrobatic stunts.  You see this young man was to have the experience of being supported by the legs of the performer.  Brave young man.

It was a great way to spend your time on a hot summer night.  

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