Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tim Ho Wan (添好运) Singapore

Tim Ho Wan is a Hong Kong dim sum restaurant with a Michelin star rating.  When it first opened its doors here in Singapore at Plaza Singapura, the queue at the restaurant was insanely long.  People waited for 3 hours for their turn.  Now, it has been months since its launch, and with a second branch opening, the queue is still long.  Under normal circumstances, I would not even consider this option, but then a long time friend came to visit us from Malaysia, and he wanted to eat at Tim Ho Wan.  Ok, just for that, we decided to go there.

My friend started queuing at 7pm at its Plaza Singapure branch.  We joined him at 7.30pm.  By the time it was our turn, it was already 8.45pm, almost like just 45 minutes to the last order.

We reckon we will never come here again (because of the long queue), we basically ordered almost everything that was on the menu.  And our table was full of food!


1. Baked Bun with BBQ Pork

This is one of their four signature dishes.  The crust is crispy with light fragrance.  The BBQ pork is tender and there is quite some sauce in it.  I will say this is the best of all the dishes.  No photo?  Hahha...We were too busy fighting for the bun.  But luckily, you can still see the buns in the picture above, at the top of the picture, the 3 round buns, there they are.

2. Steamed Egg Cake

Another signature dish.  I like this one very much too.  The cake looks nothing special, but once you taste it, you will change your opinion.  The cake is sponge, not too sweet, and with a slight scent of fragrance.  When you bite it, the fragrance just gushes out from the cake to your mouth.  Must try!

3. Pan Fried Turnip Cake

This is a dish from my hometown.  Every Cantonese is supposed to be able to make this.  Yes, I can, but not very good.  Tim Ho Wan's version is very nice.  It retains the sweetness of the turnip, but skillfully gets rid of the slight bitterness in every turnip.  The turnip and the flour are organically combined together to present to the patrons a stimulation of the taste buds.

Other than the signature dishes, we also ordered many others on the menu.  They were all of good quality.  However, they were not that exceptionally good that I should wait for almost two hours for them :)

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