Sunday, June 21, 2015

PappaRich@JB City Square

PappaRich is a new generation of restaurants that started in Malaysia to feature Malaysia cuisine.   On their menu, you can find nasi lemak, mutton curry, etc, which are ordinary Malaysian food.  

The PappaRich restaurant in JB City Square is located on level 4, right next to Popular Bookstore.  The place is not very big, and it is decorated in colonial style?  Well, I can't really tell for sure, but it does have some colonial Malaysia feel to it. 

Mutton Curry

White Bread (Roti)

For my 'main' course, I ordered mutton curry with white bread.  The curry came piping hot.  It was not very spicy, which quite characteristic of Singapore and Malaysia curry.  Dipping a piece of white bread into the curry and finish it in one bite, wow, it was nice!  

The mutton was stewed well, soft and melts in your mouth.  However, it was a pity that the mutton was cold, although the curry was piping hot.  Most probably the mutton was prepared somewhere in a central kitchen and then distribute to all the branches, re-heat to serve to customers.  This is something that I don't like, as it lacks the personal attention from the chef.  Well, in this modern world of fast food era, in which everybody is impatient, this probably is the best compromise we can have.  

Steamed Buns with Red Bean 
I also ordered some steamed buns with red bean fillings.  I highly suspect it is machine made.  Ok, they are good for filling up my stomach.  

The total cost for this meal is RM 30.15, including 10% service charge and 6% GST.  With SGD:MYR=1:2.78, I think the price is decent, not too cheap, not too expensive.  

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