Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wo Peng Cuisine

Wo Peng cuisine is restaurant hidden on level 2 of Furama City Center Hotel, specialised in Cantonese cuisine.  I would not have known about this place if there is a 50% Groupon on it.

The place has a very retro interior, which will make you think of those 70s Hong Kong TV dramas.  On Sunday, the shopping area of Furama Hotel is mostly closed, this restaurant seem to be the only one operating.

The senior staff was quite friendly, but the junior staff was a bit lost, as usual.  We arrived at around 6.15pm, and we were told that dinner was until 7.45pm.

Claypot Egg Plant 

Noodle with mushroom and bean sprouts, $18.00

We ordered two less expensive, and supposingly bigger portion dishes, the claypot egg plant and noodles.  The taste was quite as expected, although they didn't have a very strong taste, more plain.

Shitiake Mushroom with Sea Cucumber, $9.80/set

Steamed Longli Fish, $12.80/set

Next we went for more 'exclusive' dishes.  One is the shiitake mushroom with sea cucumber.  The key to the success of this dish will be in the sauce.  However, in this case I think their sauce was a bit too plain.  It didn't have any lasting impact on your taste buds for them to remember.

The Longli fish was better.  The sauce did its work, and the fish was reasonably fresh.

Osmanthus Jelly, $8.00/set

For dessert, we ordered the Osmanthus jelly.  I would say this was the best of the night.  The fragrance of the flower, although not strong, would linger in your mouth, stimulating your senses of your nose.  It was not too sweet, just nice.

Overall, I would say it was an enjoyable meal, however, it was quite expensive.  In total, we spent $97 if we didn't have the Groupon voucher.  We used the Groupon voucher, which is worth $100 while we only paid $49.90.   And to be honest, only days after, I found out that they made a mistake in the bill, they somehow charged us $0 for the egg plant claypot, if not for this mistake, we would have to pay even more.

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