Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pow Sing at Serangoon Garden

Pow Sing is a popular place for office workers to have a lunch gathering.  The restaurant has been there for more than a decade since I got to know the place, and they are still going strong.

Steamed Chicken

Their signature dish is the steamed chicken.  It is a must-order dish whenever we come here for lunch.  The chicken has jelly like skin, firm but tender and juicy meat.  It is different from the other famous chicken rice stalls such as Zhen Zhen at Marvell or the Ipoh Lou You Bean Sprout Chicken.  It has its own unique style.

Curry Fish Head

Another signature dish is the curry fish head.  Personally I find it good, but not exceptionally good.  The fish head is fresh, that is a plus point, but the curry is a bit more watery.

Crispy Sotong Rings

My former boss's must-have dish is the crispy sotong ring.  Somehow they can get the whole sotong ring super crispy.  Every bite comes with the crushing sound.  I quite like this dish, although it is not really healthy.

Other dishes such as Wu Xiang and the Sambal Kunkong are not bad.

It is one of those restaurants that carries the Singapore traditional food, and surviving.  I hope it will continue to survive so that we can enjoy some quality Singapore local food, at a reasonable price.

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