Friday, August 21, 2015

KimChi Restaurant at Suntec

After the multi-year renovation of Suntec Mall, there are more restaurants available.  One of them is a Korean casual dining place called KimChi, supposely after the famous Korean dish.

My order is H6 Daeji Bulgogi.  Basically it is pork (or beef?) in a stone bone, together with lots of vegetables, such a broccoli, mushroom, onions, etc.  I think everything is already ready made, and then re-heat to serve to the customers.  In my case, I think the food was warm, but not really hot.
The presentation of the food is not bad, it looks appetizing.  In terms of taste, the pork is tender, and thinly sliced.  One think I don't like it very much is the mushroom is raw.  I prefer well-cooked mushrooms, for food safety reason.

Overall I think it is reasonable, and the price is not high.  The cost for this dish is $14.90++.  

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