Saturday, October 17, 2015

Din Gi Noodle House@Plaza Singapura

Din Gi Noodle House is known for its one-strand noodle, one whole bowl of noodle containing of one single strand of noodle only.  It is a kind of showmanship to demonstrate that the chef is so skillful and the ingredient is so special that a single piece of noodle is long enough to fill the whole bowl.

While we were waiting for our noodle, we munch on the appetizers.  The garlic cucumber is nice, crispy and with the strong taste of garlic.  The spinach is too plain to tell there is any taste, but then it is in the name of healthy eating.

I ordered the beef noodle.  Indeed the whole bowl contains only one single strand of noodle, and the portion is enough to feed an adult male.  If you notice, the noodle is thicker than normal, and it is quite elastic when you bite.

Here, eating is not just to fill your tummy but it is also a way of promoting technical excellence and innovation.  Great!

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